Edition 20

The Circular will be taking a break for the next two weeks. Our newsletters will return on 29 April! To tide yourself over, consider revisiting our back issues, archived on our site. (Fun exercise if you really don’t know which one to pick: use a random number generator to select a number between 1 and 20, and let it make the decision for you.)

One last thing. As you may have heard, federal funding for the Australian arts and culture sector has experienced severe cuts, with many literary publications being hit hard. Some, such as Going Down Swinging, have reached out for public support.

Perhaps there’s a particular journal or magazine whose work you read a lot. Or perhaps The Circular has drawn your attention to an Australian publication whose work you realise you like very much. (Editor’s note: I know curating has done this for me.) If you’re able, please consider subscribing or donating to them to show your appreciation.