Edition 7

In non-fiction news, Southerly has devoted their entire latest issue to work by past and present refugees in Australian detention centres on and offshore. The issue is guest edited by writer-activists Hani Abdile, Behrouz Boochani, Janet Galbraith, and Omid Tofighian. The Circular will be featuring writing from it next week, but why wait when you can read it now?

The 2021 Deakin University Nonfiction Prize winner has been announced. Congratulations to Carly Stone and felicitations to all the shortlistees!

CALL FOR END-OF-YEAR RECOMMENDATIONS: You may have noticed that The Circular isn’t about featuring the 'top hits' or 'best of'. Curated by a human being, not an algorithm, this newsletter is about appreciating Australian online writing in all its variety, whether it gets published in Australian outlets, whether the topics or writers are sufficiently 'Australian', whether it was published last week or several years ago. For our last edition of the year, to be sent out 10 December, I’d like to put together an issue consisting entirely of people’s favourite online non-fiction reads.

Interested in participating? Write to editor@thecircular.com.au and respond to the following question: 'What was your favourite online non-fiction read for 2021 and why?' It can be your favourite or just one of your favourites! It can be anything non-fiction – interview, essay, non-fiction poetry, reportage, other. Also, it does not have to have been published in 2021. (How pleasantly startling is it to discover a piece of great writing and find out it’s been there, waiting for you this whole time?)

The selected participants will be credited for their recommendations unless they prefer to remain anonymous. Deadline: Tuesday 7 December 2021.